SiAGRI is a centralized information system implemented as a Web application allowing Agrarian Development Services (SDA) the collection of applications under the POSEI funds*. The system allows the authorities to manage, monitor and control adding speed and transparency to all application processes. SIAGRI is for the exclusive use of the official authorities of the Autonomous Region of the Azores and is available on the official site (PRORURAL).

Digidelta is fully responsible for the development of the Information System that manages the Rural Development Program for the Azores Region (PRORURAL) and follows the European Union policies and directives for the period 2007-2013. The program is supported by the European Funds for Agriculture development (FEADER) granting 350 M € of EU funds between 2007 and 2013.
The information system SiRURAL is a framework of management and evaluation, regarding reception, analysis, control and administration, technical and financial follow-up of proposals and projects in the area of the PRORURAL.

The system has been designed to facilitate the completion of the application and at the same time, provide data validations to avoid customary inconsistencies usually related to the use of any computer application and also inconsistencies regarding the rules for filling out their applications. Thus, a unified environment that lets you view an entire candidacy.
In order to improve the interactivity with the user, the application environment, WinForms controls were included in this application. These are the most advanced technologies for WebDesign. We also included tools for top-level communications between clients and servers in order to create chains of processes that allow simulation of the interactivity characteristics of any application developed for Windows.

This system allows

  • The Agrarian Development Services (SDA) to collect applications under the POSEI (*), PDRu-Azores and ProRural European Union funds for the development of agriculture and animal production;
  • Document management, administrative control, local control and statistics while cross-referencing veterinary (phytosanitary) information with other online systems to ensure compliance with scheduled dates and budgets;
  • Contains registered information concerning the status, conservation and good farming practice and animal welfare;
  • To verify the eligibility of an animal at a premium: Condition / state of the animal; phytosanitary condition of the animal; Condition / State of farm; phytosanitary condition of the farm;
  • Correct management of grants and aid to the farmer / breeder with information, real and verified, which would optimize the conditions of their animals and corresponding farm.

For the SiAGRI to work, it is necessary to cross the sources responsible for the management of animal health and corresponding veterinary and animal health information, state and fulfilment of commitments. The crosses give, through defined processes, the eligibility of animals for various prizes that can be candidates.

*POSEI is a Sub-Program of the Global Portugal Program for the Region of Azores and was introduced by the Regulation (UE) n.º_247/2006, of January 30th, approved by decision 04/IV/2007 of the European Commission being supported by the, European Agriculture fund for Rural development (FEAGA).


1st Phase:
Registration and Validation (initial) of applications under the POSEI, already considering the full completion of the Plan of Operation for each farmer in order to, allow for easy addition of admissions at ICs (Compensations) and Agro-environmental, to be implemented next year. This component is already produced and is being used by the SDA's for the desired effect.

2nd Phase:
Automation of Administrative Verification and subsequent correlation with Physical Verification, to manage all information concerning a cycle of application, from the presentation to the final statement. This statement will provide all the information needed for a farmer, or to whole the farmers who have applied for POSEI, allowing, if necessary, a tracking of distribution of funds.

3rd Phase:
Data input of the IC's Agro-environment, so that, the SDA's, can make a single Candidacy for all the grants projected and implemented in the Azores.

The SiAGRI manages the following Axes/Measures/Actions:

Grants for animal production:

  • Grant for male bovines
  • Grant for suckler cows
  • Supplement of extensification
  • Grant for cattle slaughter
  • Grant supplement
  • Grant for sheep and goat producers
  • Grant for sheep and goat slaughter s
  • Grant for dairy cows
  • Grant for young cattle outflow in Azores
  • Grant for importing breeding animals
  • Grant for milk producers
  • Exceptional measure for milk
  • Grant for dairy products

Subsidies for crop production:

  • Subsidy for arable crops producers
  • Subsidy for tobacco producers
  • Subsidy for producers of traditional crops
  • Subsidy for vineyards aimed for production of wines with Denomination of Origin (DO) and wines with Geographical Indication (IG)
  • Subsidy for pineapple producers
  • Subsidy for producers of horticultural, cut flowers and ornamental plants
  • Subsidy for banana production
  • Subsidy for vineyards aimed for production of DOP wines, DOP dessert wines and IGP wines
  • Subsidy for vineyards aimed for production of QWPSR wines, QDWPSR dessert wines and regional wines
  • Additional subsidy for tobacco producers

Other Subsidies:

  • Subsidy for foreign trade

Agro-Environmental Measures:

  • Maintenance of extensive livestock production
  • Protection of Indigenous cattle breed «Ramo Grande»
  • Maintenance of agricultural activity in deprived areas
  • Agri-environment payments and Natura 2000
  • B - Organic Farming
  • Ponds Protection
  • Conservation of Traditional Orchards Azores

Subsidy for Forestry Measures

  • Natura 2000 payments in forest lands
  • Grant for Maintenance
  • Grant for profit loss

Agri-environment and climate:

  • Maintenance of extensive livestock production
  • Prodi - Integrated Production
  • Payments to agricultural zones included in the River Basin Management Plans
  • Grants for Forest-Environmental Commitments

*POSEI is a Sub-Program of the Global Portugal Program for the Region of Azores and was introduced by the Regulation (UE) n.º_247/2006, of January 30th, approved by decision 04/IV/2007 of the European Commission being supported by the, European Agriculture fund for Rural development (FEAGA).

Type of services provided

  • Requirement analysis and specification
  • Architecture design
  • Prototype construction
  • Software development, management and maintenance
  • Implementation
  • Training
  • Technical assistance to Draca-Community Affairs Regional Directorate for Agriculture

This project was entirely developed by Digidelta Software and its permanent staff for the whole duration of the assignment.


The Regional Directorate of Community Affairs for Agriculture (DRACA) was established by Decree No. 38-A/2004/A Regional, from December 11, 2004 that approved the organizational structure of the IX Regional Government of the Azores, and aims to support the Regional Secretary of Agriculture and Forestry in the formulation of regional agricultural policy as regards the implementation of agricultural policy and guiding, coordinating and monitoring its implementation at regional and local level.

  • European Union - EU
  • Autonomous region of Azores - RAA
  • Regional Secretariat of Natural Resources - SRRN (before called SRAF) - Maximum Secretariat for Agriculture and Rural Development in the RAA.
  • Regional Directorate of Agriculture and Rural Development - DRADR (eg DRACA) - customer who ordered the execution of SiAGRI in late 2006 through a direct invitation to Digidelta Software. We have a close relationship following the spirit of SCRUM (Agile methodology - we'll talk later). The DRADR is responsible for the legal definition (ordinances) and distribution of EU funds to the RAA.
  • Financing Institute for Agriculture and Fisheries - IFAP - Paying Institute in Portugal - only entity entitled to payment of aid. Oversee the procedures of DRADR.
  • Institute of Food and Agricultural Markets - IAMA - Institute carrying out the controls in place and records the results where applicable.
  • Computer Direction SRRN - direction that supports the servers, physical structure and administration, where the SiAGRI runs.
  • Beneficiary - Farmer recipient of funds distributed.