Animal Production Management Software

Digidelta Software has developed various systems to support animal producers in managing their sheep, goats or cattle.

RED-oficial allows private producers and Farmer Associations comprehensive management of all legal obligations regarding movements of animals in Portugal. It is a web based system with a beautiful interface that complies with all regulation.

Production and Management of Livestock (PGE) is a tool for owners of cattle farms. The application meets the strict requirements of the Directorate General of Veterinary Medicine, the standards for the computerization of the Book of Livestock existence.
The development of this application was based on a careful analysis that concerned the needs of owners, so that it can provide a useful, practical and easy to use way of managing the livestock, whether they are composed of a few animals or thousands.

Developed in partnership with the ACL - Association of Breeders of the Limousine breed, in Portuguese by HBL - Herd Book of Bovine Limousine breed. This program is mainly based on the management of the livestock of each partner/associate, control weights, correction of weights and periodic calculation of growth rates.

This software allows the Management of livestock and farms. The system was used by SAPJU - The Agro-Pastoralism Society João Urbano, the largest private farm of cattle in the European Community.