In 1990, the Ministry of Agriculture adopted PISA as the Official System for Animal Health Management in Portugal. The system was developed to assist the General Veterinary Directorate and all related government entities in managing and controlling animal health (thousands of animals and farms on a regional, national, continental or global scale) complying with the regulations for EU countries. PISA became a key tool for the management and control of animal health in Portugal.


Main caracteristics:

Adaptability to any technological and telecommunications structure (Stand-Alone, local network, client-server or web-based)

Unlimited with regard to the growth of the database

Intelligent in validating data entered and its disclosure. Even with modest IT or telecommunications resources, the local database can be synchronised with the central database from any computer with PISA installed. This database may be used until a connection can be made.

Automatic Live update that keeps PISA permanently updated with information and functionalities entered.

Configuration / Setup is quick and easy

Manages all animal species (cattle, sheep, goats, camels, horses…)

Adapts dynamically to the sanitary specs of any country

Supports any language

PISA.mobile is the most advanced field solution, available for netbook or laptop computers, thus facilitating direct on-site data entry. It is quicker, cancels out possible human failure and enables on-the-spot action of brigades for controlling animal health on farms.

Responds to all demands made by the European Community and international organisations belonging to the veterinary sector and complies with the good practices and objectives defined by the IEO – International Epizooty Organisation, that is, “to improve animal health and well-being worldwide regardless of the culture and economic situation of member-countries”.


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PISA.net involves all portuguese partners interested in controlling Animal Health, including Government (or department responsible for a specific area), farm producer associations and respective Farms.
It includes the whole hierarchy of veterinary administrators, on-site veterinary surgeons and laboratories responsible for analysing animal samples collected.

The system is used and handled from different regional, national, continental or global points on the animal health control network, in offices or on-site. Users are situated in different geographic locations. The system's main objective is to register, process and supply all information entered and updated by each individual or authorised organism, in accordance with their duties and permission. This is all done using a central database.

PISA works online, from any PC connected to the central database, or offline, through a local database intelligently synchronized with the central database, which responds to the availability of a communication channel.
Field Solutions help the veterinary brigades at the Farms and connects via internet with central database.