digital platform for the production of bivalves

Oceano Fresco & Digidelta Software will create innovative digital platform for bivalve production

Oceano Fresco & Digidelta Software consortium have started working on an innovative digital platform designed for the production of bivalves in maternity.

This is a digitization project in aquaculture to optimize the production of native bivalve species, which applies the principles of the industry 4.0.

Oceano Fresco will build a BioMarine Center in Nazaré, where the maternity of native species of bivalves with high gastronomic and commercial value – grooved carpet Shell and pullet carpet Shell will be installed. The objective is to produce and improve these bivalve species with the help of innovative breeding and biotechnological tools that allow the development of superior bivalve varieties for fish farmers.

Digidelta Software, the project's IT partner, will develop a system, which will allow data collection and analysis to generate alerts and commands. The platform will optimize the production of the maternity on the day to day basis and the development of predictive models of optimization and acceleration of the production.

This consortium is supported by Fundo Azul, a financial incentive mechanism of the Portuguese Government, which aims to finance the Economy of the Sea and is supporting 5 projects, out of a total of 205 applications. The total cost of the operation is € 499,989 with a reimbursable contribution from the Fund of 90% of the eligible investment.