XRS2 EID Stick Reader

Maximise individual animal performance and back up critical health, mating and culling decisions by using the XRS2 EID Stick Reader to view and capture animal information.
Suitable for cattle, sheep and deer, the XRS2 features a large, highly readable screen and alphanumeric keypad for capturing important information from the yard.
Bluetooth® wireless technology connects your reader to your Weigh Scale Indicator and means you can easily share information using your smartphone.

  • Large sunlight viewable 2.7” colour LCD screen makes it easy to read
  • Alphanumeric keypad for flexible data entry
  • Fast tag reads with feedback through vibrating handle
  • Customisable alerts such as cull
  • Add and edit session names to keep track of each session
  • Capture animal information such as condition scores in up to 15 custom data fields
  • Reads all ISO HDX and FDX-B tags
  • Long life and fast charging battery
  • Comfortable to use
  • Long reach

This stick reader is compatible with our software applications wezoot and PISA.mobile.

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